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Standard School Building for 500 Girls in a Remote Area, Jaghori District of Ghazni Province

Construction of a 12 classroom school building is one of the rewards that Ghazni province has received for their good performance in countering narcotics (CN) from the Good Performers Initiative (GPI) Program of Ministry of Counter Narcotics (MCN). MCN/GPI with financial support of Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) section of US-Embassy in Kabul funded and implemented this project to provide incentive in CN for the people and authorities to keeping their province declared as poppy free; and to have other achievements in CN in future.  The incentive also aims to improve educational facilities for girls in Jaghori district of Ghazni province.

According to a report from the project site, currently more than 500 girls utilize the facility (school building) for their education purpose. The report indicates that they did not have such a facility before like having this school building right now.  By having this school building, over 20 teaching and non-teaching permanent employment has been created for the people.  They express their happiness and thanks to MCN/GPI and the donor of this project for providing such standard educational facility/opportunities for them.

According to principal of this school, before construction of this building, there was no library, no suitable classes and offices and etc., but Fatima, a student of grade 12th of this school (respective authorities named it Mohajeren School) says that currently this school has library, offices, classes, standard toilets, meeting room etc. She also said that the number of students are increasing every year. 

Masooma is another student of this school. She said that they were under tents or even on opened area before having this school building. At that times, wind, rain and dust interrupting their classes, but with having this school building, there is no more such problems that students were facing in the past. Maqbola is another student of Mohajeren School, believing that she understands lessons much better than she was attending school under tents. According to her, this school provides them more and better facilities.

MCN/GPI targeted two important objectives with implementing this project in Jaghori district of Ghazni province. Firstly, appreciated good performance of local authorities in countering narcotics, and secondly, provided incentive for Ghazni province at one of the remote area and improved educational facilities and environment for girls in this district.  

It needs to be mentioned that the implementation of this project has improved the livelihood of laborers including farmers as generated 33,220days of temporary daily-wage employment opportunity for the local laborers and will facilitate permanent employment opportunities for 20 others who will operate this facility. It is also to be mentioned that spending of 241,232.03 USD, cost of this project in Jaghori district of Ghazni, will also have an important role of equal development opportunity for such a remote area.