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BHCs Facilitating Provision of Medial Services for Thousands in Paryan District of Panjsher Province

The Good Performers Initiative (GPI) Program of Ministry of Counter Narcotics (MCN) with financial support of Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) section of US-Embassy in Kabul implemented projects for construction of two basic health clinics (BHCs) in Korpitab and Kohsar villages of Paryan district of Panjsher province. 

The basic aims for awarding the province with such development projects were to facilitate provision of medical services to 15,620 inhabitants of Paryan district and to appreciate the good performance of local government of Panjsher in their countering narcotics (CN) endeavors.

According to local respective authorities, the projects have met the set objectives as forecasted. For instance, Sharifa Mirzada, a midwife in the BHC of Korpitab says that this facility eases provision of medical services to all remote villages of Paryan district where there was no medical center before having this BHC built by MCN/GPI: “People in this district had to travel kilometers of distances to the center of Panjsher for medical consultation before having this facility in their own village.”, she added. According to her, people even for ordinary diseases had to visit Bazarak, the center of Panjsher province for medial consultation due to lack of medical treatment center in their own villages.

Mrs. Mirzada says that this BHC improved their medical services to all local remote villages. According to her, people do not have to travel kilometers of distances again to Bazarak for their ordinary disease treatment anymore: “We, in this BHC provide medical services to around 50 patients including men, women and children. Their names are registered and available in the registration book.”, she added.

Another BHC in center of Paryan district in addition to provision of general medical services to local people, provides birth delivery services to local pregnant women as well. According to Aziz Ahmad, head of Paryan health department, the gynecology section of this BHC is playing a very significant role in reducing mortality rate in this district: “this service has decreased maternal and pediatric mortality rate in this district as almost all of birth delivery take place in this BHC in professional against traditional methods.”, he added. He says that the mortality rate was high because almost all of birth deliveries had taken place in a very traditional and unprofessional methods by local unskilled midwifes at homes.

Mr. Ahmad says that before having this facility they wereproviding medical services as a mobile BHC in houses of local people who voluntarily allocate their houses for the services, but their houses were not suitable for medial activities. According to him, the medial services have been improved now and they can provide consultation and treatment to around 40 patients including children, women and men on daily basis. 

Both BHCs facilitate provision of medical services to around 100 patients including men, women and children on daily basis in the district. According to local authorities the facilities have improved medical treatment and services to all local people and reduced maternal and pediatric mortality rate by providing birth delivering services to local pregnant women.

To conclude, the facilities provided medical services to all 15,620 inhabitants including 7,650 women. It means that basic health services have been facilitated to all local inhabitants of Paryan district of Panjsher province; and it has been an appreciation for their good performance in countering narcotics (CN) for the province.