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MCN Minister Inaugurates University Blocks and an Irrigation Canal in Logar Province

On May 25, 2017, Mrs. Salamat Azimi, Minister of Counter Narcotics (MCN) and Mr. Mohammad Halim Fedayee, Provincial Governor of Logar performed the tradition of ribbon cutting ceremony to officially start utilization of two major projects, 1) construction of academic and administrative blocks of Logar University and 2) retaining wall for Malik Rajan Canal.  The construction work of these two projects have been completed recently and handed over to the respective authorities in a ceremony. In this ceremony some high ranking officials including MCN directors, Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) authorities, local government authorities, MPs, elders, media representatives and etc. were present.  

Mrs. Salamat Azimi, MCN Minister in her short remarks briefly pointed out that MCN/GPI successfully completed the construction works of 12 projects worth around 6.5 million USD including four projects with total cost of 1.6 million USD under GPI within Counter Narcotic Trust Fund (CNTF) with financial support of UNPD: “MCN/GPI awarded Logar province with the total number of 12 development projects in appreciation of their good performance of the province in countering narcotics (CN).  Out of all those 12 projects, 10 of them were funded by INL through provincial good performing award on countering narcotics and the remaining three have been done with the financial support of UNDP .”, she added. According to her, all projects have been completed and handed over to respective authorities for utilization: “It is my pleasure and happiness that officially inaugurate the utilization of two projects, academic and administrative buildings of Logar University and retaining wall for Malik Rajan Canal today.”, she added.  Later on, Mr. Mohammad Halim Fedayee, local governor, congratulated the facilities to all participants in particular to the people of Logar province: “I thank MCN/GPI and the donor of these projects for implementation and funding.”, he added. According to him, completion of any building means closure of ignorance and illiteracy in this province.

Then Mr. Ahmad Seyar Mahjor, Deputy Minister of MoHE stated that this university blocks will help Logar University to welcome more students in coming years: “MoHE will never withhold any legal assistance to Logar province.” he added. Later officials of Logar, DNC and MoHE and Mohammad Akabar Stanikzai (MP), assessed that Logar University is the only one in the country that in a very short time have more buildings. He thanked MCN/GPI and donor of these two projects and local government for their regular monitoring. In this ceremony, Dr. Abdulwali, member of provincial council and Mr. Wahidullah Abdurrahimzai, Chancellor of Logar University delivered speeches. They both thanked MCN/GPI and donor of these projects. For instance, Dr. Abdulwali stated that the Logar University current location was a field of ruins in recent past, but now it has modern buildings: “it is our proud that our efforts resulted in construction of these buildings.”, he added. 


It needs to be mentioned that the construction works of those projects cost MCN/GPI totally around one million (957,173.75 USD). The facilities have improved the livelihood of farmers/laborers as generated 176,233 days of temporary daily-wage employment opportunity for the local laborers and will facilitate permanent employment opportunities for many others who will operate this facilities.