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Hostel Building Improves Education Facilities for Students in Ghor Province

Education is one of the neediest priority in Afghanistan which will play an important role in rebuilding and developing in a war torn country like Afghanistan. Improving and providing education facilities in particular for those who live in remote areas and are children of farmers, would much supportive.

On the other hand, it is very decisive to improve education quality and provide the capacity building facilities for those who are involved in primary, secondary and high schools education in the country.

To meet the objective, the teachers should be introduced and trained to a professional manner at their relevant communities’ educational centers. It is also important to improve the Teacher Training Institutes (TTIs) facilities.  There are hundreds of TTIs in the country, but they are facing with lots of problems in terms of facilities and equipment.

One of the TTIs is located in the center of Ghor province. This center was facing with lots of challenges in particular having of students’ accommodation.  Therefore, the Good Performers Initiative (GPI) Program of Ministry of Counter Narcotics (MCN) with financial support of Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) section of US-Embassy in Kabul funded and implemented the project for construction of hostel for teacher training center with total cost of $520,979.39 USD,  in  appreciation of the good performance of the province in countering narcotics (CN); and to provide educational facilities for the teachers and students of the province.

Warden and students of the hostel are happy with having this facility. According to Ghulam Rasoul, warden of the hostel, the facility provided suitable lodging for students and pursuing them for their study in the province while students were facing lots of difficulties before having this building for their accommodation: “before having this facility, students were living in expensive rental houses and some of them in the mosques due to their economic issues. Admin staffs were doing their jobs under tents or even in the opened area.”, he added. According to him, currently around 250 students accommodated in the hostel; and 15 others carry the admin and cooking responsibilities.

 Abdul Hakim is 13 grade students who live in the hostel. He says that this building resolved almost all difficulties that students were facing before.  “The project provided us suitable living rooms, modern bathrooms, healthy drinking water, electricity and etc.”, he added. According to him, the facilities effectively improved their study. 

Abdullha Haqjo is a 14 grade student who uses this facility for his study says that the facility resolved the problems that students of this TTI were facing before. He can pursue his study effectively, he said. 

Mohamamd Nabi is another 14 grade student who utilizes this hostel for his education purpose indicates that a suitable house is comfortable for living while an appropriate hostel is suitable for study. According to him, this building is likewise. He says that he enjoys from the hostel for his education time.  

These students have told their families and friends regarding the hostel building. They were happy with this facility and thanked MCN/GPI and the donor of the project. According to them, development projects change farmers mind to licit crop cultivation. Thus, the poppy cultivation would be eliminated from the province.  

It needs to be mentioned that the implementation of this project has improved the livelihood of laborers including farmers as generated 201,523 days of temporary daily-wage employment opportunity for the local laborers and will facilitate permanent employment opportunities for many others who will operate this facility.