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Built School Building for Around 3000 Students in Balkh Province

The Good Performers Initiative (GPI) program of Ministry of Counter Narcotics (MCN) has built seven school buildings in Balkh province. These facilities were built to appreciate and provide incentive to local government of Balkh province in connection to their countering narcotics (CN) achievement. In addition, the intervention of MCN/GPI was initiated to improve educational facilities for children in particular for girls to pursue their education for better future.

One of the school buildings located in Mazar-e-Sharif city. The respective local department has named the school in the name of great poet and mystic of Afghanistan, Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi. According to information provided from the school, this school building currently hosts around 2592 students in which around 1876 of them are girls benefiting from MCN/GPI built building in different shifts. The report also indicates that the facility provided the permanent employment opportunities for 50 female teachers and 7 admin-supporting staff. 

Before construction of this building, fewer of the students – 2592 students – were attending the school that had no building and boundary wall. There was just an opened area or tents provided for education of children. According to principal of this school, there was no library, no suitable classes and offices and etc. Sayara Absar, Principal of Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi School says that currently this school has library, offices, classes, standard toilets, meeting room etc, but according to her, the number of students are increasing every year. Therefore, this building has no enough capacity to welcome fresher students in coming years. 

The students and admin – supporting staffs are happy with the facility and express their thanks to MCN/GPI for construction of the school building. Most of them planned to participate in entrance exams for universities after graduation from this school. The girl students clearly pointing out that they attended the school, because it had good classes, safe environment, and other facilities. Therefore, their families let them attend the school.

Maryam Noori is one of those girls. She said that they were under tents in opened area before having this school building. At those times, wind, rain and dust interrupting their classes, but with having this school building, there is no more such problems anymore that students were facing in the past. Roh Afza is another student. She believes that she understands lessons much better than she was attending school under tents. According to her, this school provides them more facilities.

Qamarul Banat, head master of this school, verifies the facilities that the new building provided for them, through but she suggests for another building for solving their educational requirements. According to her, the classes of this school building have been overloaded: “The yearly new students enrollments are increased, but the school does not that much capacity.”, she added. Mrs. Absar also suggests for new building.

At the end, it needs to be mentioned that this school building was built to appreciate local government for their good performance in countering narcotics through provincial good performance award of Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) section of US-Embassy Kabul, Afghanistan.