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Construction of 45 Meter Long Span Bridge Providing Commuting Facilities in Tagab District of Badakhshan Province

Inhabitants of Tagab district of Badakhshan province had to travel more than 3kms than the actual distance between Qala-e-Dahana (center of Tagab district) and the 6 villages where the villagers need to travel daily to their local businesses due to lack of a bridge to connect those 6 villages to the district center. The challenges became harder when there was raining and flooding in the respected villages. For instance, farmers couldn’t transport their agro-products to local market; and import necessary feeding items to villages on time. Children who were attending schools had to travel more distances by foot to reach their schools in the center of the district and etc.

In particular women and children of those villages were facing lots of problems due to lack of bridge facility to connect them to schools and hospitals at the time of raining, snowing and flooding. Women were facing challenges of traditional baby deliveries that were taken place in the villages by local unskilled midwives, and the mortality rate were high in those villages.

Lack of bridge cost farmers a lot as were losing part of their agro-products like fruits, vegetables and diary that had to be transported to local market for selling, but most of them wasted due to lack of easy access to market and time consumption. Most of villagers are farmers in the area and they produce wheat, barley, corn, rice and other promoted seeds; and some types of vegetables. The products needed to be transported to local market of Qala-e-Dahana, center of Tagab district, but lack of bridge made farmers to stock their products in traditional ways which wasted most of their products at the time of flooding. 

The problems needed to be addressed, therefore the Good Performers Initiative (GPI) Program of Ministry of Counter Narcotics (MCN) with financial support of Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) section of US-Embassy in Kabul built 45 mete long span bridge in Khombak Village of Tagab district connecting 5 more villages to the district center. 

This bridge has shorten 3-4 kilometers the distance between Qala-e-Dahana, the center of Tagab district, to 6 villages that the bridge links them. Thus, around 1,200 people do not have to travel more kilometers daily to their local businesses now.

Children and women can easily attend schools and meet doctors of clinic in the center of Tagab district of Badakhshan province. 

It also needs to be mentioned that the project for construction of 45 meter long span bridge funded by INL through provincial good performing award in countering narcotics and implemented by MCN/GPI in order to appreciate the good performance of the province and to solve the problem of local people for better lives without poppy cultivation. The construction work of the project cost 449,126.37 USD.