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Two Major Projects Inaugurate for Utilization in Ghazni Province

On May 20, 2017, Minister of Counter Narcotics (MCN) and Governor of Ghazni performed the tradition of ribbon cutting ceremony to officially start utilization of two major projects, 1) construction of girl hostel building and 2) irrigation canal in Ghazni province.  In this ceremony some high ranking officials including MCN, Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE), Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), local government, members of parliaments (MPs), elders, media representatives and etc. were present.  

Mrs. Salamat Azimi, MCN Minister in her short remarks briefly pointed out that MCN/GPI successfully completed the construction works of 9 projects worth around 4.9 million USD including three projects with total cost of 1.34 million USD under GPI within Counter Narcotic Trust Fund (CNTF) with financial support of UNPD: “MCN/GPI awarded Ghazni province with the total number of 13 development projects in appreciation of their good performance of the province in countering narcotics (CN).  Out of all those 13 projects, three of them done with the financial support of UNDP and the remaining (10) projects were funded by INL through provincial good performing award in CN.”, she added. According to her, all projects except one project titled “Construction of 50 Bed Hospital in Ali Lal Township, provincial center of the province have been completed and handed over to respective authorities for utilization: “I am happy that officially inaugurate the utilization of two projects, girls hostel building and irrigation canal of Deh Yak district today.”, she added.  

Later, Mr. Aminullah Amarkhil, local police chief, welcomed the delegation and stated his thanks to MCN/GPI for implementation of development projects in Ghazni province. He also mentioned about the plan of insurgents for disruption of today’s inauguration ceremony, but according to him they failed to do so. Mr. Amarkhil suggested more development projects in Ghazni province from MCN/GPI.

In addition to local officials including MPs, Ministers of MoHE and MoUD also expressed their gratitude to MCN/GPI for implementation of good quality projects in Ghazni province. For instance, Mrs. Farida Momand, Minister of MoHE stated that the hostel building would resolve the problems of the female students who were facing with lots of problems: “it is one of the good quality projects that would assist MoHE to accommodate female students effectively.”, she added.

Mr. Abdul Qayum Sajadi (MP), on behalf of parliament thanked MCN/GPI and asked for more such projects in Ghazni province.   Mr. Hamidullah Sarwari, also delivered his speech on behalf of local provincial council: “I on behalf of Ghazni Provincial Council, appreciate the MCN achievements in Ghazni province. I also on behalf of people of Ghazni ask the ministry for more projects in this province.”, he added.

It needs to be mentioned that the implementation of those projects have improved the livelihood of farmers as generated 100,189 days of temporary daily-wage employment opportunity for the local laborers and will facilitate permanent employment opportunities for many others who will operate this facilities. The facilities will encourage girls to pursue their higher education and farmers to cultivate licit crops in their arable lands in future.