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GPI Background

The Good Performers Initiative (GPI) Program of the Ministry of Counter Narcotics (MCN) is a Government of Afghanistan initiative aimed at providing high-impact development assistance with focus on alternative livelihoods to those provinces which have achievements in interdiction, eradication, public awareness and drug demand reduction.

In February 2007, GPI was sanctioned through a presidential decree No.99 to function as a development program within the Ministry of Counter Narcotics structure, receiving direct funding from INL-US Government’s contribution.

Its key objective is to support the good performing provinces and to encourage multi-faceted counternarcotics efforts across Afghanistan by expanding award categories to reward progress on multiple fronts, including interdiction, eradication, public information, and demand reduction, and to focus on support for rural alternative livelihoods.

Based on United Nation Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC) annual opium survey report and categories of success mentioned above, provincial governments are awarded developmental funding and are encouraged to propose projects in accordance with GPI/MCN criteria, and the priorities of Afghanistan’s National Drug Control Strategy (NDCS) and the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS).

Since the establishment of GPI, numerous projects in different sectors have been implemented in almost all provinces of Afghanistan including:

-          Construction of 92 Primary, Secondary and High School Buildings

-          Construction of 34 University Buildings, Hostels and Library Buildings

-          Construction of 19 Provincial Conference Halls and Provincial Administrative Council Buildings

-          Construction of 5 Vocational Training Centers

-          Construction of 55 Health Clinics and Drug Treatment Hospitals

-          Construction of 64 Irrigation Projects

-          Construction of 22 Sport Stadiums and Gymnasiums

-          Construction of 17 Teacher Training centers and Hostel Building for Teacher Training Centers

-          Construction of 13 Agriculture Stocksand 1 Fruit Market

-          Establishment of 115 Greenhouses

-          Construction of 3 Recreational Parks

-          Survey and Construction of 13 Bridges

-          Asphalting of 16km Roads and provision of 5 Road Construction Machineries

-          Establishment of 2650 Fruit Orchards

-          Provision of 390 Agriculture Tractors and their Attachments for farmers